What To Learn?

That’s a great question. It’s often uttered but barely understood. To learn about something you have to be motivated. You cannot just go out and force learns whatever you would like too…at least that’s not how it works with most people. It’s also a very difficult feeling to have. Not understanding something that you continuously wish to understand is frustrating. 

We have all been there.

A tragedy of life occurs when one cannot understand the difference between learning and l(earning). 

The root of the problem is based on the words and our understanding thereof. We cannot seek to earn through learning if the earning in which we seek is merely compensation.

 Wisdom is within you. The understanding of yourself is the learning that must be accomplished before the act of learning becomes the same as living. Leaving the realm of earning open to endless possibilities of abstraction. 

*Dissociate the meaning of compensation and earning from the acts of learning and being creative.*


Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application

Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application a.k.a. BigDIVA is a wonderful online tool. It’s designed similar to other network maps, allowing the user to visualize the connections between nodes. With BigDIVA publishers and scholars within the ARC Catalog (Advanced Research Consortium Catalog) are connected. The database is perfect when visualized as a node map, the availability and accessibility to open-source materials and educational resources is greatly increased.

BigDIVA allows an individual to isolate resources and scholarly articles for further research and or citation purposes. Allowing easier navigation for students, professionals, avid learners and teachers. The large database allows ease when searching for published materials as there is no bias imposed by search engine algorithms. The database is searchable by genre, resource, format and discipline. The coloured nodes pictured in the slides show the catalog when visulized with the corresponding filters.

Filter Type

Blue: Resource
Green: Genre
Yellow: Discipline
Purple: Format

Credits: BigDIVA Advanced Research Consortium at Texas A&M U, 2015, (bigdiva.org.)
BigDIVA Resource Guide: (bigdiva.org/resources/)

Words of Wisdom- Podcasts & Interviews

YouTube Playlist by; Idiot Knowledge

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photo credit: twitter.com/mikayous It pains us to learn about the recent deaths of George Floyd, […]

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go."