Can We Fix Our Problems?

Short answer: No, we cannot.
Long answer: Yes, we certainly can.

So many different things affect our lives, almost everyone has ‘something’ to do or finish…it appears as a neverending cycle of turmoil.

Is it a real cycle of turmoil? Or perhaps is it only relative to the onlooker?

Is the chaos only relative to the organism looking in, or is chaos apparent in the entirety of the system?

This chaos is part of a system; like a hardcoded program. It’s apparent, systems live within systems, distributing information at fantastic speed. A complex network between these systems causes a dynamic equilibrium, maintained in perpetuity until it is interrupted by a bad actor. Bad actors disperse irrelevant and provocative information throughout the network, causing chaos. Once achieved harmony from the dynamic equilibrium is shattered, causing ripples throughout varying components of the system. Degradation occurs in the network in sections where the bad actor’s information stockpiles. Reattaining dynamic equilibrium is a necessity before the system will function properly again: as a whole.

A tree can grow after it breaks limbs, although it’s doomed, altered in our perception, forever. Until the beauty of the tree is re-balanced, by an outside force.


Anything can be proven possible in time. Even the most corrupted and degraded systems continue to function after maintenance.

Our mission is to fix the distribution of information on a global scale. The delivery of vital information keeps the system alive. Delivering education in a properly structured format is the first step to improving the globe. We propose a solution, with the integration of a combinatory of technologies.

  • Blockchain(s) Personal & Public
  • Simulated/Augmented Reality
  • Digital Textbook/Interactive Compendium
  • Virtual Mentorship Program(s)

 By selectively designing the following technologies, an official global curriculum can exist, that adheres to strict standards and protocols, one that does not interrupt developing narratives and creative flows.

 Without all of the following conditions, the information delivery system ceases to exist effectively.