What is astronomy? Why is it important?
In short, astronomy is one of the oldest known natural sciences. Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies and other observable objects in space. Using chemistry, physics and mathematics astronomers can predict different types of events and phenomena in the universe. The earliest societies practised astronomy, the historical record reveals our obsession with the stars. For good reason as it appears that an intricate understanding of our solar system and beyond is crucial to a more complex perception of life on earth.

Information about our life source – the sun

without the sun there is no fun!

A Simulation Of The Solar System

Hover over various bodies for information

“An Interactive Solar System” by Sarah Kettell; Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike;

Astronomy Interactives!

Imagine the universe and the fine stuff between!

Play with Planets!

Play with Gravity!

See the Pen Gravity Points by Akimitsu Hamamuro (@akm2) on CodePen.

Play with Particles!

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