The quadrivium is a fairly basic concept. It just sounds quite cool. In a simple view, quadrivium means ‘the four ways‘. In ancient Greece the quadrivium was proposed by Plato in the second part of the Republic. The quadrivium consists of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Demonstration of fluency with grammar, logic, and rhetoric was known as the trivium. The combination of the trivium and the quadrivium produces the basis for the general understanding of life. Known in academia as the liberal arts. Seven refined teachings established to discover the first principles
those universal principles which are the condition of the existence of the possibility of everything and anything.
the path for understanding is as old as our collective thoughts on life.

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The Intrinsic Rate Of Human Performance Is Exponential

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photo credit: twitter.com/mikayous It pains us to learn about the recent deaths of George Floyd, […]

The beginning is the most important part of the work.