The Problem Of Too Much Information

In our eyes Idiot<Knowledge is the answer to a problem.
A deep problem, that affects everyone.

Let’s touch on the disconnect, 

at a point in time when we have more ways to be connected than ever before, there is a dissociation.

All of these connections available. Yet we are dissociating the power and the meaning of being connected.

Connections are meaningless without harnessing their potential.

Utilizing connections, perpetuating the ideas of mentorship and the life long pursuit of knowledge is critical.

Educating one another has stood the test of time. Everyone can be talented if taught self-awareness.

Every skill is harnessable.

Our goal is to: Spark the mind to allow the fire of wisdom to scorch the earth with knowledge.

Why Idiot<Knowledge?

Do you feel less informed than the average person?

 Many of us have felt that way before, especially the idiot team. We signify Knowledgeable Idiots, we make mistakes all the time because everyone makes mistakes, they happen. Accepting mistakes is the knowledge, it allows growth.

 Wisdom isn’t a birthright, it’s achieved with hard work & determination. Focused determination in seeking correct information about a subject. Hard work comes from being thorough, taking a subject and mastering it. Time is your best friend for life, time is always passing, use it wisely. Experience is obtained with persistence and dedication over time and wisdom follows. 

Wisdom is not assured with age, wisdom is earned by experience with trial and error. 

Spending an entire lifetime trying to achieve when details are ignored is two steps forward and one step backwards.

When errors become improvements, reserves of wisdom brings out many lifetimes of achievement.

 Step back a little, make a plan. View your situation from a different perspective. Anyone can achieve tomorrow what they can today and vice versa, it’s all about how you look at it. Idiot<Knowledge has a mission to help the world, one person at a time.

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Remember if you know, you know!


-Knowledgeable Idiot-

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