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Just like cash, there are numerous ways to earn crypto!

One of the downfalls of cryptocurrencies at the current moment is market maturity. Being a younger market, crypto has a lot of room to grow and expand to more people. There is also room for a lot of risks when investing or purchasing cryptocurrencies because of the relative age of the market. One of the ways to obtain crypto with little-no-risk is through faucets, browsers and games. These applications/websites support crypto adoption by giving away small amounts of free crypto for tasks or puzzles.


There are various cryptocurrency faucets available; these originally started with the first well-known crypto Bitcoin. The reward system concept was established in 2010 by one of the early contributors to Bitcoin, Gavin Andresen. A faucet has a simple design; provoke a user to complete a puzzle, quest or task of the faucet owners choosing, then you are rewarded with a small amount of crypto. At inception, it gave out around 5 BTC per person after a certain length of time.

Here is a list of apps/websites that are or have faucets;

Coinpot is a micro wallet that allows you to hold small amounts of cryptos gained from faucets. Once you have obtained the amount needed for a withdrawal you can send your cryptocurrency to a wallet address of your choosing.

Create a micro wallet with Coinpot and then sign up to the following faucets to get small amounts of crypto every day;






Free Doge(DOGE)

Free Litecoin(LTC)

Free Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Free Ripple(XRP)

Free Monero(XMR)

Crane Five is a multi faucet that lets you claim different tokens/coins.

Bitcoin Gold(BTG), Bitcoin SV(BSV)(BCHSV), Horizen(ZEN), Sinnovate(SIN) & EOS Token(EOS)

FreeBitcoin(Website)*Can also be linked to Coinpot*


Take Back Control With Brave!  Earn BAT(Basic Attention Token) for browsing the web via the brave browser.  

A revolutionary way to preserve your data footprint while being rewarded for your curiosity! Brave is a privacy-first browser that blocks ads and harmful sites, allowing smoother net surfing and peace of mind about your identity.

Earning & Learning


Use Coinbase and be your own bank. Hold onto your digital assets and keep a keen eye on the cryptocurrency market & your portfolio. 

Earn while learning about crypto with Coinbase! 

You receive the following cryptocurrencies through Coinbase;

EOS Token

XLM (Stellar Lumens)

OXT (Orchid)