Earn Awards/Collectibles

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What’s a Crypto-Collectible? What’s an NFT?

Awards/Badges, Non-fungible Tokens are crypto-collectibles aimed at being unique, tamper-proof and verifiable. Some NFT’s can be earned and traded via gaming marketplaces, earned through contributions to a network or for reaching achievements.

OpenSea NFT/Token/Crypto-collectible marketplace!

Buy/Sell/Trade various different crypto-collectibles.


Buy, Sell and Breed virtual cats! Earn rewards and create collections. There is also a kitty-verse you can join. Each cat is unique and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.


Gitcoin; Get paid in Eth, and other cryptos for your work/contributions to the wonderful open-source community Gitcoin has created! It can be linked to your pre-existing Github account. Create bounties or tackle them, and your efforts can be rewarded directly through the MetaMask browser extension or an address of your choosing!

You can also earn Kudos through quests that teach you about open-source, decentralized structures, coding, smart-contracts, crypto, blockchain and numerous other topics.

There are many ways to contribute to the Gitcoin community that include but are not limited to; Artists, Coders, Devs, Employers, Funders & Founders. 

Be apart of the open-source movement to help better access to public knowledge, financial compensation and skill improvement.

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