Aftermaᚾh A Short Poem

Reading Time: < 1 minute


When the grinding stops, all voices will be silent.
Every human word uttered & drowned by another, now echo.

Creatures soon slither and rustle with a large volume
Animals freely communicate, grow, full of freedom.
Nature rejoices, basking in the solitude.

Degraded earth reverses like a restored antique.
Old buildings become older but do not lose their use.

Bushes, vines, trees and ponds construct their own homes.
Emperors and Kings, Prime ministers and Presidents, rest in equal.
Time’s no longer tracked, monuments & wonders corrode with life.
Terrestrial lands occupy with organisms, all speck’s and sizes.
Effervescent lakes, oceans, rivers all splash with species unknown.
Recognition of our populous fades forever like we never even existed.

-Knowledgeable Idiot-